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The Michigan War Studies Review (MiWSR, formerly MWSR) is an online scholarly journal affiliated with the Michigan War Studies Group and edited by James P. Holoka. Views and opinions expressed by authors of reviews, essays, and other material in the MiWSR do not necessarily represent those of the Michigan War Studies Group or of any institution with which they may be affiliated. Items are published on a rolling basis and gathered in annual volumes. This site is the official repository for all MiWSR publications. Readers and web-publishers are encouraged to link to the Review and to any items published therein. Hard-copy reproduction of items must be via the provided "printer friendly" (pdf) files, which are the publications of record.

James P. Holoka, Eastern Michigan University

Assistant Editors
Jonathan D. Beard, New York City
Elizabeth Foster, The University of Chicago

Consulting Editors
Lt. Col. Thomas Collier (ret.), Ann Arbor
Jonathan Marwil, The University of Michigan
Stanley Shapiro, Wayne State University
John Shy, The University of Michigan

Graphic Designer
Chris Holoka, Ann Arbor

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